• Who We Are

    SGG Media (“SGG”) is a social media sports marketing company, featuring over 1,365 sports Content Creator / Influencers with over 29 million avid sports Followers. SGG delivers social media branding, advertising and customer acquisitions for the nation’s largest sports and sports gambling firms including DraftKings, FanDuel, Fanatics, Prize Picks, Fliff and others.

  • What We Do

    SGG Media captures the niche of social media sports culture. Our 29+ million sports fans follow SGG Media’s 1,365+ Sports Content Creators hourly for real time sports content on all the game action, trades, highlights, and legal sports betting information.

    We also provide “Highly Targeted” marketing – our advertisers can cost effectively target just one state, just one sport, or even just one team.

    SGG offers advertising partners the most cost-effective way to reach the new younger generation (21-41) of sports fans receiving their sports information solely from social media. SGG Media has created a community of sports lovers, just like us.


    What's Now

    SGG Media represents the 2022 $16.4 Billion Influencer Economy (Influencer MarketingHub) in a unique way – via “Micro Sports Influencers”.  Our network of Sports Content Creators is comprised of avid, engaged, sports fans that follow their specific sport, league, or team via social media. SGG Media social media postings are highly targeted to provide the sports content, and advertisements that resonate with a specific sports or sports team’s demographic audience.

    What's Next

    The Influencer Economy is growing rapidly- anticipated to reach $143 billion by 2030 (Grandville Research) SGG Media is rapidly growing our database of Content Creator / Influencers and sports fans daily. If you are a sports content creator – contact SGG to join the elite team of SGG sports influencers. If you want to reach an audience of 30+ million sports fans (ages 21 to 41) at the lowest possible ad-spend rates – contact SGG Media.

    What's Possible

    SGG Media is the “go to source” for all sports and sports gambling related social media. The younger generation of sports fans are “dual- screening” while watching sports on T.V. – creating their own sports eco system. Fans no longer want to be just spectators for sporting events, they wish to be part of the narrative. Today’s younger fans are getting their sports information exclusively on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and podcasts, not in the newspaper or radio talk shows. If companies are to thrive in this new environment, they must adapt to these new norms or risk fading into obscurity.

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    A Division of Sports Gambling Guides, Inc.

    Troy Paul

    Co-Founder - CEO - Board Member

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    Troy Paul - SGG Media, President
    Troy Paul

    Co-Founder - CEO - Board Member

    • Co-Founder & CEO – SGG Media – A Division of Sports Gambling Guide, Inc. – 2020
    • Developed SGG Media into a social media sports marketing company, featuring over 1,250 sports Content Creator / Influencers with over 26 million avid sports Followers
    • Responsible for signing and servicing “Top-10” Sports Book Clients: FanDuel – Draft Kings – Fanatics – BetMGM – and many other national clients  
    • Leads team of 20 social media and tech professionals creating sports content 24/7 running 300 to 500 social media campaigns a month for the largest sports companies in the world
    • Led SGG Media’s nomination for “Sports Affiliate Company of The Year” by the largest U.S. Gaming trade show – SBC Americas
    • Featured in Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, The Associated Press
    • Featured on Industry Leaders Panel – SBC Americas
    • New York University – BA in Real Estate Finance

    Mark Paul

    Co-Founder - Chairman of the Board - CFO

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    Mark Paul - SGG Media, CEO
    Mark Paul

    Co-Founder - Chairman of the Board - CFO

    • Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board – SGG Media – A Division of Sports Gambling Guide, Inc. – 2020
    • Responsible for SGG Media – A Division of Sports Gambling Guide, Inc. licensure in all legal on-line gaming States 2020-2022
    • 40-year history in commercial real estate investments – sponsored over $2 Billion in commercial property acquisitions
    • Former Managing Director of divisions of Merrill Lynch Realty and Prudential California Realty
    • Former Co-Founder and Co- Owner of largest RE/MAX Commercial Brokerage Franchise
    • 25 years experiences in the legal gambling industry – owned interests in 46 thoroughbred racehorses as a licensed California thoroughbred owner
    • Author of The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told – #1 Best Seller in Gambling, #1 Best Seller in Sports Gambling, #1 Best Seller in Horse Racing 2020-2022
    SGG Media

    Social Media Team

    Joe Hace

    Vice President, Marketing

    Thad Brown

    Vice President, Marketing

    Joe Vitale

    Marketing Manager

    Carson Zarak

    Marketing Manager

    Paris Gorham

    Podcast and Video Producer

    John Workman

    Marketing Associate

    Ryan Hoctor

    Partnership Manager

    Nick Dinisco

    Partnership Manager

    Alicia Parelskin

    A.V.P. Executive Coordinator

    Partnership Associates

    Mason Cary

    Jackson Chinn

    Donovan Henkel

    Nick Lai

    Graphic Design

    Trey Sutphin


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    We are the most cost-effective form of sports marketing

    Troy Paul
    Co-Founder – CEO – Board Member
    Mark Paul
    Co-Founder – Chairman of the Board – CFO